Material parting machinery:

  • CNC - flame-cutting machine - table of 3000 x 12000 mm - oxygen, acetylene - thickness up to 150 mm
  • Profile shears - max. L 100x100x6
  • Plate shears-max. of width 3000 mm, thickness up to 16 mm

Circular Saws:

  • Cut profile - 620 x 350 mm, diameter of cut 240 mm

Machine tools:

  • Horizontal boring machines, table dimensions of 9000 x 4000 mm, hight of 3000 mm (wight of tool up to 20 t)
  • Milling machines -max. dimensions 3000 x 1250 mm
  • Lathes - turning diameter 630 mm, max. shaft lenght of 3500 mm
  • Boring and turning mill- table - of max. 3000 mm, turning of 6000 mm
  • Drilling machines - CNC and box-column, drilled diameter of 50 mm, table dimensions of 900 x 1500 mm

Forming machines:

  • Presses up to 315 t, material thickness of 16 mm
  • Bending rolls, width of 3000 mm, sheet metal thickness 3-50 mm


  • Welding semi-automatic machines - 141 TIG (WIG) method, method 111
  • Welding semi-automatic machines - MIG
  • Welding in active gas - MAG 135
  • Welding semi-automatic machines ESAB - welding under flux (121)
  • IGM welding robot - MAG method

Production line for tank manufacturing

Surface treatment:

  • Blasting SA - 2.5; 2
  • Air-conditioned blasting cabin
  • Airless painting

Lifting equipment, handling and transport:

  • Overhead and tower cranes with load capacity of 20 t
  • Portal crane- load capacity of 50/25 t
  • Own industrial railway
  • Near E55 international roads and D1 motorway


horizontal boring machine W160 CNC
horizontal boring machine W160 CNC
vertical mill SKJ32-63 CNC
horizontal boring machine W160 CNChorizontal boring machine W160 CNCvertical mill SKJ32-63 CNC
production line for tank manufacturing ASDORF
three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine CimCore 3000 typ INFINITE 2.8
machining Center HAAS EC1600
production line for tank manufacturing ASDORFthree-dimensional coordinate measuring machine CimCore 3000 typ INFINITE 2.8machining Center HAAS EC1600
welding robot K5 IGM
welding robot K5 KUKA IGM
welding robot
welding robot K5 IGMwelding robot K5 KUKA IGMwelding robot
air conditioned spray booth
overhead crane 25t/50t
cutting machines VANAD BLUESTER
air conditioned spray boothoverhead crane 25t/50tcutting machines VANAD BLUESTER
Beveling machines TRIUMPH
Roll bending machines FACIN 3HEL
Roll bending machines  FACIN 4HEL
Beveling machines TRIUMPHRoll bending machines FACIN 3HELRoll bending machines FACIN 4HEL