The history of the engineering plant built on the outskirts of Benešov, on the site of „Černý les" dates back to 1979 when the construction was started of the production plant, in which Stavební stroje Zličín, state enterprise, acted as the investor. The plant was completed and put into operation in 1984. The plant was built for the manufacture of moulding equipment for precast-concrete works producing prefabricated sections for housing development, public and industrial constructions. The plant was included in the group of Stavební stroje Zličín as Plant 10 - Stavební stroje Benešov.

      In 1991 the plant was established as an autonomous enterprise of the same name and continued producing both the moulding technology and building machinery components. In 1996 the then Stavební stroje Benešov, s.e., was privatised by BEST, ltd, Benešov and became a private enterprise. The transformation resulted also in dramatic change in company‘s production programme, in which moulding technology components were replaced with tanks, construction and gantry cranes and drilling and boring technology.

     In 2002 all the business and production activities of BEST, ltd., were taken over by BEAST, stock holding company, which complemented and extended the then production programme with the production tanks for industrial, energy and environmental applications and with the supplies of autonomous technological units for bituminous mixing plants and concrete mixing plants. The company employs experienced teams of professional skilled in engineering, business and production, who guarantee company‘s competence and ability to offer and implement projects in the required quality and within the planned time.


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